For footings and columns

or columns in high-rise constructions

Recommended for footings and columns in heavy constructions

Welcome to Janapriya RMC Pvt Ltd.

Janapriya RMC Pvt. Ltd. is a supplier of ready mix concrete with National footprint in mind. The company aims to promote the use of readymix concrete at all levels. This is a professionally managed organisation with motto “Readymix for small contractors to Big Builders!” The idea is to serve even small contractors of houses to big builders . Presently, the company is operating two units. One is at growing in south of Bangalore City. The other is in North of Bangalore city. Further plans to establish in other growing cities like Cochin, Hyderabad, Madurai, Mysore, Nagpur, Visakapatnam and Pune.

The Bangalore plant one located in Minukunte Village, Jala Hobli, Next to ITC Factory at International Airport Road. A State of The Art plant with Italian technology, from Simem, it has the most modern batching facility with a capacity of 60 cubic metres per hour. The Second one located in Mysore Road with Schwing Stetter it has the most batching facility with a capacity of 30 cubic meters per hour. We have the necessary power back-up, so the coming months of power outage will not be a threat. The raw materials are sourced from reputed suppliers to ensure quality of end product. The plant is manned by an efficient crew with excellent experience in the RMC & construction industry. We have more than a dozen transit units and pumping equipment which can be readily deployed. Therefore, we can assure you of a constant uninterrupted supply of RMC. The list of happy clients include homeowners like Mr.Madan to Mr.Menon, Managing Director of a construction company.

Though a newly formed organisation, we have already won the accolades with our quality and after sales service. In the near future, the organisation intends to implement the ISO Standards in quest of upgrading the quality constantly.

Janapriya Rmc Pvt. Ltd. is committed to bring the best concrete to your doorsteps.

Advantages of Janapriya Rmc Pvt Ltd

Consistency in quality

Hassle-free construction

Time saving

Reduction in manpower


No wastage of material